Fuel Savings Calculator

Fuel saving calculator
Considering a new more fuel-efficient car? Good for you. But does it make financial sense to buy one? Let our Fuel-Savings Calculator do the math for you! After you plug in some simple mileage rating and finance information about the car you’re considering and the one you already own (plus the cost of gasoline at the moment), our computer crunches the numbers and will tell you just how long it will take you for you to begin saving money. In some cases, it will take a long time to reap the financial benefits of a new car with better mpg; in others, you’ll learn you can’t sell your gas-guzzling current ride quickly enough.
Gasoline Assumptions
Gasoline cost per gallon
Miles you drive each day
MPG (old vehicle)
MPG (new vehicle)
Cost Assumptions - Old vehicle
Current monthly payment amount (old vehicle)
Number of payments remaining
Anticipated sales price
Cost Assumptions - New vehicle
New car loan term
New car sales price
New car down payment
New car interest rate
One-time taxes / registration / fees
State / Federal income tax credit (if applicable)
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