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HD Radio vs Satellite Radio

By: StaffPublished September 28, 2021

HD Radio

What it is

HD Radio is similar to a traditional car radio, but it broadcasts high-quality digital signals as opposed to traditional analog signals. Once you upgrade to an HD radio, the service is free; therefore, it can be seen as an improvement to traditional radio.

Benefits and features

Features of HD radio include improved sound quality, the elimination of popping and crackling noises often heard through analog signals, and the ability to transmit detailed song information. Through HD radio, radio stations can use multicast, which allows them to play two or more programs at once and gives listeners more choices. Listeners can even tag songs for later purchase on iTunes or other online media stores.


Satellite Radio

What it is

Satellite radio is a subscription radio service that offers additional radio programming not available on traditional radio. The difference between satellite and traditional radio is similar to the difference between cable and public television, making satellite radio an alternative to traditional radio.

Benefits and features

Satellite radio uses high-quality, digital signals to offer a vast selection of stations and targeted genres to suit more tastes. It is a commercial-free service and provides nationwide coverage. Universal tuners and in-dash receivers make it easy to listen to satellite radio in the car.


Whether you choose HD or satellite radio, these improvements in technology can make early morning commutes or long road trips just a little bit easier.


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