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Best Used All-Wheel Drive Cars for Winter Driving

By: StaffPublished January 20, 2022

For the Performance Minded Car Buyer: The Audi TTS

Audi has been producing four-wheel drive coupes, sedans and roadsters for several generations now. So if you want the very best, without sacrificing performance or maneuverability, why not choose someone with a proven track record? And while just about every Audi offers a four-wheel drive option, we thought the TTS stood out in terms of driving excitement. With a 265-horsepower engine, impressive traction, and turbocharged design, this compact sports car will help you confidently maneuver down the roadways, regardless of driving conditions.

For the Safety-Conscious Car Buyer: Volvo S60 TX

In terms of safety, Volvo has been a recognized leader for the last several years. And now featuring all-wheel drive, the newly redesigned Volvo S60 T6 is certainly no exception. With its turbocharged 3.0-liter engine, firm suspension enhanced driving mechanics, and an “instant traction” feature that adds torque to the rear wheels when the vehicle is at a stop, the S60 T6 is a great companion when traveling over slippery trails.

For the Practical Car Buyer: The Subaru Outback

The practically designed Subaru Outback may be small in stature, but this certainly does not mean it cannot tackle snowy roads with the best of them. With its all-wheel drive option, the Outback offers extra traction in slippery conditions. Combine this with the vehicle’s surprisingly roomy interior, and it becomes a great choice for every day driving.

For the Family-Minded Car Buyer: The Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus offers the design and the practicality of the traditional family car. And now with the option of all-wheel drive, it can also offer superior traction during those snowy winter months. Add in any of the sedan’s high-end options -including full power accessories, a tilt-and-telescopic steering column, the Sync and MyFord Touch electronics interfaces, a rearview camera, dual-zone automatic climate control, and rear parking sensors – and the Taurus is able to offer a distinctive, fun and safe winter driving experience.

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