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Why Does My Car Keep Stalling?

By: StaffPublished August 27, 2021

In general, a car stalls when the engine stops turning and is not delivering air, fuel or spark at the proper time or volume. There are a variety of specific problems that cause a car to stall, but fortunately, most can be fixed without an expensive and time-consuming trip to the mechanic. Learn about common reasons why cars stall:

  • Electrical issues -Often, car stalling can be linked back to simple wiring mishaps. Always check for loose or broken wires first.
  • Sensor failures - Sensor-related stalling problems can often be traced to the crankshaft position sensor, the throttle position sensor or the oxygen sensor.
  • Fuel pressure problems - If the performance of your engine changes or your car stalls as you drive up and down hills, you could be experiencing fluctuations in fuel pressure caused by clogged fuel injectors or a dirty fuel filter.
  • Distributor problems - If a car stalls when it’s idle or under hard braking, the timing of your distributor may need to be adjusted. Also consider changing the distributor cap, rotor, wires, and plugs.
  • Technological glitches - Newer cars have anti-theft system and auto door locks. Stalling could be due to glitches in the technology behind these systems.
  • Bad battery - When your car stalls, do not try to restart it more than several times. The battery could be dying and continuous attempts to start the vehicle will quickly wear the battery down.

While the cause of your stalling car probably isn’t serious, it can make for a frightening and unsafe driving experience. If you aren’t sure what’s causing your car to stall or if you feel uncomfortable diagnosing the specific problem, it’s a good idea to talk with a trusted auto technician.

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