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What to Put in Your Winter Roadside Emergency Kit

By: StaffPublished September 13, 2021

Cars break down, especially in the winter: Their batteries drain, their tires lose traction and their engines stall out. And while this might be annoying if it were to happen during a perfect 70-degree day, the stakes are much higher when the cold wind is blowing and the snow is piling up. This is why having a stocked and ready-to-go roadside emergency kit becomes such a necessity. As you begin winterizing your car this year, take a moment to put together a roadside emergency kit specifically for winter.

Prepaid Cellular Phone

Today, just about everyone has a cellphone. But what happens if your battery goes dead or you have left it behind because you were in a rush? Investing in a prepaid cell phone – one that you always keep in your car – will help you to stay in touch in the event all other communications break down.

Basic Equipment

At a bare minimum, you should always carry a set of jumper cables, tire sealant, tire gauge, jack and lug wrench, spare fuses, screwdriver, pliers, flare, and fire extinguisher.

Extra Winter Clothing

If you find yourself stuck out in the middle of a snowstorm, a selection of extra clothing will protect you from the elements. This should include a small bag that contains a winter hat, gloves, all-weather jacket, and boots.

First Aid Kit

Invest in a quality first aid kit – one that includes a variety of bandages, gauze, latex, adhesive tape, scissors, burn ointments, hot and cold packs, and thermal blanket.

Snow and Ice Removal

A snow shovel and bag of sand are important if you ever find yourself caught in a snow drift. By shoveling the snow out from a stuck tire and surrounding that tire with sand or kitty litter, you have a better chance of regaining traction.

Basic Survival Gear

A bottle of water, an energy/protein bar, flashlight, and matches can be extremely valuable supplies when caught out in the elements.

These are just a few things you should consider adding to your winter roadside emergency kit. Keep in mind that you may need to add to this list to account for other passengers in your car. For instance, if you often have a car full of little ones, you may want to consider baby formula, diapers, appropriate snacks, or extra blankets. Regardless, the basic theory remains the same. Taking a moment to stock your car with a few essentials winter emergency items can save you some major headaches down the road.

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