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What to Do When Your Car Starts Spinning Out

By: StaffAugust 27, 20211 min

Learn the proper way to react when your car starts spinning out:

  • Don’t change your speed drastically- When your vehicle begins to spin out, it is subject to move in any direction without regard for steering. If you suddenly change speed when this happens, it becomes nearly impossible to regain control of the vehicle.
  • Start to slow down- Your tires need time to regain their grip on the road, so take your foot off of the accelerator slowly. As you release the throttle, you should start to regain control of the car.
  • Keep your steering straight- It’s best to keep your steering as straight as possible. If you must turn to accommodate a curving road or an intersection, turn your steering wheel in small increments while decelerating.
  • Don’t panic- Spinning out can be a frightening because you often have little time to react. But if you react calmly and remember that slower is better, you’ll be much safer.

If you spin out and lose complete control of your car, try not to make any sudden moves. Once your car stops, check your surroundings and carefully move to a safe area where you won’t be affected by oncoming traffic. If it is unsafe to move, turn on your flashers and get out of the vehicle as quickly as possible. Because this whole process will only last a matter of seconds, it’s important to know exactly you’ll do before you ever get on the road

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