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What to Do If You are About to Run Out of Gas

By: StaffAugust 27, 20211 min

Even though your gas tank is nearing “E,’ you’re not necessarily going to be stranded on the side of the road. By following a few of the tips below, you may be able to save your day after all and not run out of gas.

  • Stay calm: Do not panic. Keep in mind that if your gas light has just come on, you may have quite a few miles of fuel remaining. When you first realize that you are low on gas, the best advice is to stay alerted and on the lookout for a service station.
  • Evaluate: Your first instinct may be to keep on driving and see just how far you can make it before your car completely runs out of gas. However, by continuing to push in the same direction, you may be driving farther away from help. Instead of continuing to drive, carefully examine your surroundings. If you have recently passed a gas station, store or other public areas, it may make more sense for you to turn your vehicle around.
  • Slow Down: Research shows that 55 mph is the ideal speed for conserving fuel. After moving into the right-hand lane, take your foot off the gas pedal. Only use it to maintain a steady pace while looking for hills that you can coast down.
  • Do Not Coast: When your car does finally run out of gas, avoid the impulse to let your car coast down the road since this can be quite dangerous. Instead, pull your vehicle off to the side of the path immediately to decrease the possibility of other cars colliding with you.
  • Get Help: If you do run out of gas, it is important to act swiftly and safely. Turn your flashers on and raise the hood of your car. This will alert other drivers to your vehicle’s presence. If a driver does stop to help you, ask them for help rather than getting in their car.

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