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Five Tricks for Making More Room in Your Car

By: StaffAugust 31, 20211 min

Ever tried to make more room in your car to transport those patio chairs you just bought? Since there’s only so much square footage available, it’s probably harder than you thought. And, unlike a home or a garage, there are no renovation projects that allow you to physically increase the size of the vehicle. By following a few of the tips below, you can minimize clutter and make more room in your car.

  1. Cleaning: When was the last time you gave your car a good spring cleaning? Vehicles often become collectors of loose odds and ends. Make it a point to go through your car once a month and remove anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.
  2. Organizing: After cleaning your car, you should be left with only the necessities. The trick then becomes putting everything in its proper place. Pens, maps, insurance papers and car registration probably belong in the glove box. Tools, umbrellas, spare blankets, and jumper cables should be relegated to the trunk. While napkins, aspirin, bandages, and spare change are best kept in a center console.
  3. Accessories: Sometimes you simply just have limited storage space. Loose change, CDs, notepads, and maps just do not seem to fit anywhere. This is when a few well-designed car organizers may come in handy. From CD organizers to drinking cup holders, there is probably a product that will fit both your car and your lifestyle.
  4. Trunk Organizers: There is a good possibility that you are not maximizing all the available space in your car’s trunk. Use boxes or bags to serve as storage bins for sports equipment or groceries. By organizing your trunk, you are able to keep clutter from flowing into the interior of the car.
  5. Cargo Boxes: One of the easiest ways to make more room is by attaching a cargo box or boot bag to your vehicle’s luggage rack. From aerodynamic hard-shell boxes to lightweight canvas bags, these car top carriers are perfect for vacations and extended road trips. There are even options for vehicles without the availability of luggage racks.

Remember, when making more room in your car, the goal is to keep the vehicle free of clutter. By finding a place for everything, you will be able to increase the safety and comfort of your ride.


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