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DIY Roadside Emergency Car Kit

By: StaffPublished September 28, 2021

When driving, one of the most important things to do is be prepared for the worst. You can help prevent an emergency with new tires, new windshield wipers, antifreeze, and an oil change, but you should

There are several kinds of emergency car kits available on the market that run the gamut from the basic to the elaborate 100 piece kit. It's best to put together a kit that meets your personal needs. There are two types of items that you should collect: those that will help you repair minor issues, and those that will help keep you comfortable and safe while you wait for assistance. Here are some important items help get you back on the road:

You should also include essential survival items in case you have to wait for help if you live in an area with harsh winters. In addition to the basic food and water, remember to include blankets and any medication you might need to stay healthy for a few days. Candles can provide light and help melt ice, or you can include a flashlight, which could also help you flag down passersby for assistance. Either way, be sure to pack extra matches and batteries. Keep in mind that you might be stranded with passengers, so you should include enough for everyone. Being prepared can help you be certain that you and your car will have a safe, comfortable winter.

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