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Used Car Review: Toyota Camry

By: StaffPublished September 2, 2021

If you’re looking for a solid used car that you’ll feel good about driving for years to come, you won’t find many choices compared to the Toyota Camry. Whether you are buying one right off the showroom floor or from the used car lot, you will be hard-pressed to find a more reliable and versatile car.  

The Toyota Camry has continually sold in record numbers year after year, meaning finding a used one that matches your needs is not a hard task. And as with most cars bearing the distinctive Toyota name, the Camry continues to stand out in terms of build quality and design, dominating the family sedan market for the last several years.  

  • Versatile: From family sedan to fun-to-drive ride, the Camry is built for drivers with varying needs.
  • Refined and Affordable: Even though the Camry has been recognized for its interior refinement and driving comfort, the sedan continues to be priced affordably
  • Fuel Efficient: The daily commuter will be impressed by just how far this car can go on a single tank of gas.

With a history which dates back three plus decades, the Camry was originally introduced to the car buying the world as an affordable and versatile mid-size sedan. And even though it has undergone a number of significant design upgrades over the years, this affordably priced, the family car continues to be the go-to choice for used car buyers searching for durability, ride quality, and interior comfort.  

  • 2007 – This more recent generation of Camrys brought about a dramatic redesign to give the vehicle a sharper, more distinctive look. These Sixth generation Camry also included the options for an optional 368 hp V6 engine that gets 28 highway mpg.  
  • 2002 – This model update included a more aerodynamic body for better fuel economy and a more elegant look. Also notable in 2002 was the decision to simplify the buying process by slimming down the number of trims offered.   1997 – The fourth-generation Camry, with its sharp angles and more powerful engine, became the best-selling car in the United States in 1997.  
  • 1992 – Camry’s third generation brought about a number of changes, including an aerodynamic design, spacious cabin and quiet ride.  
  • 1987 – The Camry differentiated itself in the market by offering a smoother ride in the second generation.  
  • 1983 – Toyota introduced the Camry to compete with Honda Accord in 1983. Like the Accord, Camry enjoyed strong sales thanks to its solid construction and performance.  

Since its introduction back in 1983, the Camry has stood out as one of the best choices in the mid-size sedan market. While other competitors make strong attempts to close the gap, this reliable little sedan continues to receive high words of praise from critics. The following reviews are for the 2011 model year.

  • Consumer Reports: Test score: 84/100
  • JD Power and Associates: Predicted reliability score: 4/5
  • NHTSA: Overall crash rating: 4/5

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