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Used Car Review: Honda Element

By: StaffPublished September 6, 2021

The SUV’s high cabin and revolutionary clamshell styled rear doors made it a surprise hit among more mature car buyers in need of an easy access SUV with the cargo space and legroom to match their daily driving needs. While Honda discontinued production on the Element in 2011, the popularity of this SUV continues to live on in the used car market – a fact that is probably best attributed to its versatile design. From the home improvement warrior to the recreational hiker, the Element offers the functionality to meet a range of needs, lifestyles, and tastes.

Advantages of the Used Honda Element

To say the Honda Element has a unique design may be an understatement. With its clamshell doors and unique cube-like exterior, this SUV has a style all of its own. But don’t think this compact little crossover is all flash with no real value. Featuring design and engineering that was ahead of its time, the Element boasts a number of features that make it both practical and fun to drive.

Multifunctional: From hauling sports equipment and groceries to carrying a load of bricks, there is seemingly no limit to the Element’s multi-purpose design.

Easy Access: Unlike a conventional four-door design, the SUV features access-style rear doors that pivot 90 degrees – the result is an extra-large opening for loading passengers or bulky cargo.

Innovative Seating: Not only do the rear seats provide enough legroom for the growing family, but remove the seats and you are greeted with 75 feet of cubic cargo space.

Used Honda Element Model Years

Bursting on the scene in 2003, the Element was only manufactured for nine years. However, during that time, this crossover managed to create enough buzz to allow it to carry on as a popular choice on the used car market:

2003: When the Honda Element was first introduced to the car buying world in 2003, consumers were impressed by its versatility. With sedan-like maneuverability and a rugged interior and exterior, this compact SUV is suitable for both on-road and off-road driving. A large interior space and re-configurable seating options make this SUV a good choice for car buyers who need a little extra hauling room.

Offering responsive steering, a smooth ride, and innovative design, the Element certainly was able to capture the attention of critics. Take a look at what some of the critics had to say. The following reviews are for the 2011 model year.

  • Consumer Reports Test Score: 58/100
  • JD Power and Associates Predicted Reliability Score: 4.5/5
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Rollover Crash Rating: 3/5

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