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Used Car Review: Honda Civic

By: StaffSeptember 15, 20212 min

Fuel efficient, affordable, and reliable – these are some of the adjectives that the Civic is most well-known for. But to stop there would do this fun-to-drive hatchback a grave injustice. With its edgy styling and engaging performance, this little - but mighty - Honda delivers much more than you would expect from a hatchback.

Advantages of a Used Honda Civic

  • Fuel Efficiency:  The first Civics were noted for their fuel efficiency, and even now more than 40 years after they first rolled off the assembly line, this is something the Civic is still well-known for.
  • Surprisingly Roomy: Roomy and compact don’t get used together very often, but this is a feat that the little Honda Civic has been able to master.
  • Performance:

Used Honda Civic Model Years

Before the Civic, Honda almost exclusively built motorcycles. However, this all changed in 1973 after the first Civic rolled off their assembly line - forever exciting car buyers with its ability to deliver superior fuel efficiency and performance  all wrapped up in a tiny little package. And now, even 40 years after it was first introduced, the Civic continues to use that same recipe for success.

  • 2013: Another radical redesign in 2013 has given the Civic some much needed high-end appeal.  The hatchback’s features now include Bluetooth phone and audio, rear-view camera, and Pandora radio functionality.
  • 2006: Honda radically redesigned the Civic in 2006, giving it a more sophisticated, futuristic look. Major stylistic updates were made to both the interior and exterior.  Now, with its many high-end options, the Civic could compete with just about any car.
  • 2001: Changes made to the suspension and engine during this seventh generation gave the Honda a more dynamic driving experience.
  • 1995: A restyling in 1995 led to a more aggressive look and increased interior space. These larger Civics were now available as either a coupe, hatchback or sedan.
  • 1992: This update included a redesign that focused on making the Civic more aerodynamic, which contributed to even better fuel efficiency.
  • 1988: The fourth generation Civic again saw changes made to its exterior, receiving a longer body, larger glass windshield and lower hood.
  • 1984: A major redesign gave the Civic increased size and power. With its new 76-horsepower engine, this Civic was able to compete with the larger cars on the market.
  • 1980: Honda redesigned the Civic in 1980 to offer a sleeker new exterior. The car was now available as a hatchback, four-door sedan or wagon.
  • 1973:

What the Critics Have to Say about the Honda Civic

Over its long history, the Honda Civic has received its fair share of criticism and praise. But through it all, the compact has continued to impress with an impeccable record of reliability and safety. The following reviews are for the 2011 model year.

  • JD Power and Associates Predicted reliability score: 3/5
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Overall crash rating: 4.5/5


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