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Used Car Review: Honda Accord

By: StaffPublished September 10, 2021

 Even though the Honda Accord may not be the most sophisticated or dynamic car on the market, what this sedan does offer is a quality, well-engineered ride, all wrapped up in a stylish design. Backed by a strong history of reliability, the Accord is both roomy and easy-to-drive. Due to this reputation for providing the complete driving experience, the Honda Accord continues to remain a popular choice, either new or used.

Advantages of a Used Honda Accord

Other cars may be flashier, or roomier, or faster – but the Accord never set out to excel in any one of these areas. Instead, this family sedan has built its reputation by delivering one of the most memorable family-friendly driving experiences on the market.

  • Family Friendly: Roomy, comfortable and safe, this is what the family-minded car buyer wants, and that is exactly where the Accord excels.
  • Fun Driving Experience: While this may not be the fastest sedan on the market, responsive driving mechanics and a surprisingly powerful engine make the Accord fun to drive.
  • Roomy Interior:  With seating up to five and ample trunk space, the Accord is a great fit for today´s small family.

Used Honda Accord Model Years

Since its inception, the Accord has been engineered with a singular vision: To enhance the family driving experience. And now, over three decades later, this is an area where the Accord continues to excel.

  • 2008: After this complete redesign in 2008, the Accord was now bigger, faster and roomier. Even with its bigger body size, the sedan still impressed critics with its superior fuel economy.
  • 2003: A revamped engine, improved steering, and re-engineered suspension attributed to a smoother, more dynamic driving experience.
  • 1998: While the overall size of the sixth generation Accord was larger, the car was restyled to offer a slimmer look.
  • 1994: The theme of this fifth generation remodel revolved around increased safety. Dual front airbags and early compliance with future safety standards made this one of the safest cars on the market.
  • 1990: After a major renovation during this fourth generation, the Accord became the best-selling car for three straight years.
  • 1986: After a radical redesign in 1986, the Accord now boasted a sleeker look, more powerful engine and roomier interior.
  • 1981: The Accord was restyled in its second generation to offer a roomier, more refined interior. With the option of purchasing either a hatchback or sedan, car buyers were impressed by the Accords upscale look and economical starting price.

What the Critics Have to Say about the Honda Accord

Having received high scores in both crash rating and reliability, there seems little doubt that the Honda Accord is a great option for the used car buyer looking for a car they know they can count on for years to come. The following reviews are for the 2011 model year.

  • Consumer Reports Test Score: 80/100
  • JD Power and Associates Predicted Reliability Score: 5/5
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Overall Crash Rating: 4.5/5

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