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Used Car Review: BMW 7-Series

By: StaffSeptember 6, 20212 min

All it takes is one test-drive, and you will soon discover that this is not your average luxury car Right from the start, the 7-Series has impressed critics and car buyers with its ability to create a memorable driving experience. While the vehicle’s high starting price tag may limit its appeal to the new car market, a long-record of reliability makes this a great choice for the used car buyer.

Advantages of the Used BMW 7-Series

As BMW’s flagship sedan, the 7-Series is in a class by itself, delivering the rare combination of driveability, engineering, style, comfort, and flair. This car was not just built for the car driver looking for a status symbol. Instead, with its advanced driving mechanics, it was engineered for the sports car driver in all of us.

  • The Leader in Excellence: BMW has long been considered one of the leading luxury car manufacturers - and with this flagship sedan, you know you are getting the best of the best.
  • Performance: While the 7-series has a luxury car look and feel, it excels in terms of driving performance.
  • Luxury and comfort: Don’t let all the talk about driving performance fool you. At its heart, the 7-series offers its passengers comfort, luxury, and refinement.

BMW 7-Series Redesign

In the luxury car market, there is a lot of competition. This is what makes the 7-Series’s elevated status so impressive. Since first being introduced to the car buying world all the way back in 1978, this luxury sedan has set the standard for which all other cars try to live up to:

  • 2009: Now in its fifth generation, the 7-Series has been redesigned to capture some of its more traditional roots. Adding to the sedan’s high-end appeal is an array of high-tech gadgets, including night-vision camera, side view cameras, and the iDrive interface system.
  • 2002: In 2002, traditional design styles were abandoned in favor of a more aggressive approach. The larger 7-Series also offered an updated interior
  • 1995: When the 7-Series was redesigned in 1995, car buyers quickly took note of its sleek styling and refined interior. Many critics consider this generation of luxury sedans to be the best that BMW has ever offered.
  • 1988:  By adding the option of including a longer wheel base, the second generation 7 Series was able to offer a roomier, more comfortable interior.
  • 1978:
    When the 7-Series was built in 1978, it became the largest sedan every manufactured by BMW.

What the Critics Have Said About The BMW 7-Series

Since first coming off the assembly line way back in 1978, the 7-Series has fared well in the eyes of the critics, representing the BMW name with class leading performance and styling, with hundreds of positive write-ups over car's history.  


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