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Negotiating Car Price Over the Phone

By: StaffSeptember 6, 20212 min

This scenario has happened to just about every person who has purchased a car from a dealership: You're talking to the sales representative and suddenly, you're are led into a small windowless, timeless room. It's the kind of box where police detectives interrogate suspects. The salesperson excuses themselves, under the pretense that they are off to see a "Sales Manager."  After what seems like days, they finally return. What happens next is straight out of the car salesman handbook. You're so eager to leave that room and get on with your life, you will agree to just about any price they set before you.


Advantages Of Negotiating Car Price Over The Phone

Want to avoid the above scenario. Here is some car buying advice that too many buyers are unaware of: Many car dealerships will let you call in and negotiate the car price over the phone. This tactic offers you a distinct advantage. It may seem odd, and it may go against your natural impulse. But you have to think about it in terms of who has the upper hand. When you are at the dealership, you are completely at their mercy. They have a wide variety of resources at their disposal. They have unlimited access to the phone, the internet, and other sales people. And most regrettably, they have access to that tiny, cramped, windowless waiting room. But when you negotiate the price by phone, you have the advantage. You have your computer, your phone, and your internet. You have access to a listing of hundreds of other dealers in your area. And most importantly, if the sales person tries to play the waiting game, you can simply hang up and call the next dealer on your list.


Car Phone Negotiations: Set the Ground Rules

Treat price negotiating over the phone the same way you would if you were buying that car in person. Before you call, it's important to scout the dealerships, inspect the cars, and even take them for a test drive. When you do finally call the dealership, they will try to entice you to come into the showroom. Avoid these ploys by letting them understand that your time is limited. Then tell them the price you are willing to pay. If they are unwilling to negotiate, do not be afraid to get off the phone and call someone else who will negotiate the price and sale of a car.


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