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Best Used Cars for Young Professionals

By: StaffPublished September 6, 2021

Choose A Smaller Car

Over the last decade, rising gas prices and a less than reliable economy have led to an increased demand for smaller, more efficient cars. This is great news for the young professional looking to save money without sacrificing performance or style. Many of today’s smaller cars are being engineered with the luxury and performance similar to that of their full-size counterparts, but at a fraction of the cost. Some of the best values to consider include:

  • Offering the style and performance you would expect from the BMW brand, but at a starting price that is intended for smaller pocketbooks, this flashy little coupe is one car you will want to include in your search.
  • Volvo C30: With a turbocharged engine and stylish hatchback design, the C30 is designed to meet the changing and rapidly expanding needs of today’s young professionals.
  • Acura TSX: With a 201-horsepower engine and an exterior styling boasting clean lines, the TSX offers a refined driving experience, perfect for impressing colleagues and clients.
acura tsx 1.jpg

Fuel-Efficient Commuter Cars

Long commutes and tons of in-city driving are two elements that many young professionals overlook during their car buying process. What happens next is that they end up buying large SUVs or gas guzzling performance vehicles, which – even though they may look stylish - can carry fuel costs that severely cut into already diminished bank accounts. To help you avoid this, FuelEconomy.gov offers a Fuel Costs Calculator; designed to calculate and compare potential fuel bills between vehicles. Some of the best vehicles that offer both style and fuel economy include:

  • Ford Fusion Hybrid: Offering the fuel efficiency of a hybrid engine and the styling and engineering that has won the Fusion praise in the car buying market, the Fusion Hybrid is a great choice for the young professional just starting out.
  • Ford Escape Hybrid: For the past several years, the Escape Hybrid has been winning top honors for fuel economy among all SUVs. If you want the styling and room of an SUV without sacrificing fuel efficiency, these vehicles are hard to match.
  • Honda Fit: Offering fuel economy, style, and drivability, the Honda Fit is a great choice for any young car buyer looking to turn heads without emptying their bank.


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