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When More Expensive Parts are Worth It

By: StaffAugust 27, 20211 min

Cheap brake pads could compromise your safety. If you often tow, carry many passengers or drive through areas with steep hills, you should consider upgraded or severe-duty pads as opposed to standard ones. Ceramic pads are also more expensive but offer high stopping performance and a comfortable feel while helping to eliminate noise and dust.

Most modern cars have headlights that turn on automatically as soon as a hint of darkness sets in for the evening. While this can sometimes be a welcome feature, these headlights also have a tendency to burn out faster. Longer-lasting headlights such as LED lights offer better light output and are safer, especially if you frequently drive at night, on winding roads, or in dangerous weather.

Since drivers cannot see their brake lights while driving, it’s sometimes difficult to determine when they burn out. Too often, drivers remain unaware of this fact until they are pulled over by a police officer and receive a citation. LED lights are more expensive initially but will last much longer and can often help drivers avoid an expensive citation.

It’s a common misconception that all wiper blades perform the same. Cheap wiper blades last only a fraction of the time expensive ones do and can become costly to repair, especially if you use them frequently in a rainy or snowy climate. Opt for silicon blades instead of rubber ones, as they will last longer and stretch your dollar further.

Expensive tires last longer and offer better handling, less noise, and a smoother ride. Moreover, higher quality tires perform much better in dangerous snowy or rainy weather. Even with proper maintenance, cheap tires are much noisier and will not last long.

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