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Five Ways to Save Money on Gas Using Mobile Apps

By: StaffAugust 31, 20212 min

Locate gas stations with the lowest prices using the GasBuddy mobile app, available on both iPhone and Android smartphones. The data comes from fellow app users who report the prices they see while driving about. GasBuddy also offers incentives for supplying data. Contributors earn points for uploading gas prices or other actions, and can spend points to enter raffles for gas cards and other prices. Similar apps: GasBag, iGas, MyGasWars

It’s quite simple to calculate your fuel economy, and the GasHog mobile app makes it even easier. Each time you fill your gas tank, enter how much gas you pumped and your current odometer reading. GasHog takes this information and automatically calculates your miles per gallon, as well as other helpful information such as the cost per mile to drive your car and tips for improving your car’s fuel economy. Similar apps: AccuFuel, CarEconomy, Fuel Economy Calculator

Knowing your car’s fuel efficiency can help you decide if driving to that cheaper gas station is worth the trip, but it doesn’t reveal how your driving habits may be affecting your mpg. The TripAlyizer mobile app uses the iPhone’s accelerometer and GPS to analyze your actual driving habits and gas useage. Along with calculating your fuel efficiency, the app also monitors your driving speed, acceleration rates, idle times, and time spent in your car’s fuel efficiency sweet spot. It even estimates the CO2 emissions of each trip. Similar apps: GreenMeter, Driver Feedback, Driving Buddy

Cars that aren’t running well can easily burn through more fuel than necessary. Staying on top of regular oil changes and scheduled maintenance prevents your car from working harder than it needs to, so your fuel efficiency isn’t depleted. Carango keeps track of your oil changes and other vehicle maintenance, and provides you with service reminders and alerts. It can even store insurance information, and supports multiple vehicles so you can keep track of your family’s entire fleet. Similar apps: aCar, CarCare, Car Management

Many GPS devices and  gas mobile apps allow you to choose either the fastest or shortest route, but neither of these will necessarily use the least amount of fuel. Even shorter routes will burn more fuel if you’re stuck in traffic or repeatedly stopping and going. TomTom makes an iPhone app that, like their latest standalone GPS devices, finds the most fuel-efficient route to your destination by avoiding traffic, town centers, and other roads that will use more gas. Similar apps: StreetPilot, GreenGPS, EcoRoute Some upcoming iPhone and Android apps even link directly to your car’s on-board diagnostics computer (OBD), giving you access to a wealth of information about your car. The capabilities of mobile devices and apps are astounding, so take advantage of them to spend less on gas. The savings will more than pay for the low cost of most apps.

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