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4 Common Windshield Wiper Problems

By: StaffPublished August 27, 2021

Learn about some common windshield wiper problems that you can fix yourself:

  1. Replace wiper blades - Worn out wipers are the most common problem. To replace; flip the wipers up and release the mounting clips, which are located at the top pivot on the wiper blade. Remove the wiper arm and replace it with a new blade of the same size.

  2. Repair clogged washer pump - If your windshield wiper pump is humming but there is no fluid coming out, turn off the wipers and follow the washer hose to the reservoir where the fluid is stored. Disconnect the plastic barbed connector to the hose. If fluid sprays out, insert a small pin and blow on the tube to clean out the nozzles.

  3. Unfreeze wipers - Turn your windshield defroster on high. Spray the windshield and edges of wipers with de-ice spray. Gently pull up on wipers and release them to break up any remaining ice.

  4. Tighten a loose wiper - Using a screwdriver; remove the nut cover at the base of the wiper. Tighten the retaining nut at the base and replace the cover.

Windshield wipers are often taken for granted until something goes wrong with them. Don’t hesitate to check your wipers regularly, especially during winter months when the weather is harsh.


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