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Should I Buy a Fleet Vehicle?

Should I Buy a Fleet Vehicle?


If you’ve ever found yourself trying to find ways to save on your next vehicle, the question “Should I buy a fleet vehicle?” might have crossed your mind. Whether the economy is good or bad at any given time, it’s common practice for organizations to sell off assets from their vehicle fleet for a great price. But does a slim dollar sign mean a great deal? Not always. In general, there are two lines of thought when it comes to buying a used fleet vehicle. 

On the positive side, a fleet vehicle is almost certain to have had all of its maintenance performed promptly. It’s also worth noting that, most cars or trucks that have spent time in motor pools have more highway miles than privately owned vehicles.

Of course, the flip side of that coin is that fleet vehicles tend to suffer quite a bit of abuse at the hands of their drivers. Since the people behind the wheel generally aren’t responsible for maintenance or repairs, they don’t worry about how hard the car is driven, which can cause expensive damage to components such as the brakes or suspension.

So does that mean you should pass by all fleet service vehicles entirely? Absolutely not. Fleet vehicles offer a great deal compared to their standard civilian counterparts, but you do need to be particularly careful when it comes time to look the vehicle over. Take the time to have the car examined by a mechanic you trust, and if he or she says it’s best to keep looking, take that advice. If the vehicle gets approval from the shop, just be aware that replacement-prone parts, like the starter and alternator, may need attention soon, and factor those costs into your budget.