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Do I Need a CarFax Vehicle History Report?

Do I Need a CarFax Vehicle History Report?


Do you really need a vehicle history report?  Well if you want to know everything about such a big purchase then the answer is yes. UsedCars.com has partnered with Carfax to connect you with getting all the important, detailed information about a car’s vehicle history.

UsedCars.com Cars Show the Carfax

All of the used car listings on UsedCars.com include Carfax Vehicle information. You can find the Carfax details on a vehicle page below the photo section. Most of our cars include a free Carfax History Report and those that don't you can view a Carfax Record Check and quickly purchase from Carfax

Why Carfax Vehicle History Reports?

Carfax Vehicle History Reports are important to review before purchasing a car because it can save you from buying a car with unseen issues including:

  • Title check – Salvage? Lemon? Rebuilt?
  • Odometer Check – Fraud? Rolled Over? Broken?
  • Problem Check – Major Accident? Salvage Auction? Fire Damage? Stolen?
  • Registration – Leased? Rental? Taxi/Police? Fleet Car? These are car details you can only get with a Carfax® vehicle history report, click here to view a sample.

Frequently Asked Question:

Besides Reviewing the Carfax Vehicle History Report, What Else Should I Consider When Buying A Used Car?

Before buying a used vehicle you should also:

  • Take the car for a test drive
  • Ask to take the car to another mechanic for inspection
  • Ask the seller if the car has been painted?
  • Register with the vehicle history provider.

Is the Carfax Vehicle History Report Free?

About 60% of the cars listed on UsedCars.com include a free Carfax report. Every vehicle page includes a Carfax section and this includes whether or not the Carfax is free. Free Carfax vehicle history reports are available because our dealer partners have a direct contract with Carfax. If you do not see the free Carfax report, that means you must purchase the report. We include a link to the Carfax site to quickly and securely purchase the Carfax report.

Does Carfax Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Carfax offers a guarantee in the event you are not fully satisfied with their service