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Two Common Used Car Dealer Tactics And How To Avoid Them

By: StaffSeptember 10, 20211 min

Take Your Time And Beware Of Limited-Time Offers

Of course, used car sales representatives want you to buy that day. Statistics tell them that if they let you walk off the lot without making a purchase, you probably won’t be back. With this in mind, they try to entice you with “Can’t Be Beat,” “Buy Today” promotions.

The Tactic: To get you to buy the same day, the car dealer will offer a myriad of confusing and hard to understand promotions. They will tell you that if you walk off their lot, the deal they are offering will expire.

How To Avoid: It is important to take note that the sales representative is probably not lying. When they tell you a certain vehicle has limited stock or that a promotion is soon to expire, chances are they are telling the truth. However, what the dealer does not tell you is that when the promotion expires, another one will take its place.

Avoid Tunnel Vision; Look At More Than One Car

That thing where you get stuck looking at one used car because it meets your criteria right away? It’s called tunnel vision, and dealers love it. Their goal is to get you focused on one car and one car only. This limits your questions and concerns, meaning you are more willing to buy the same day.

The Tactic: When you walk on the lot, the used car sales representative will immediately begin with a list of questions as a tactic. They’ll ask seemingly innocent things such as, “What kind of car do you want,” and “how much can you afford?” Before you know it, you are standing in front of one vehicle, and they are forcing you to take it for a test drive.

How to Avoid: Don’t rely on the dealer to be your guide. Instead, do a little homework before going to the lot. When the dealer does approach you, you will be in control and can direct them to the cars you are considering.

It is a car buyer’s market. So if you ever feel that the dealer is being too pushy, or you are uncomfortable with their sales approach, simply walk away.

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