Auto Insurance Quotes and Shopping Tips

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Buying a car is always an exciting time but you should never purchase a car without checking to see what it will cost you to insure. It pays to take a moment to shop for the auto insurance coverage that best meets your needs.
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Auto Insurance Shopping Tips

  • Don't buy a car before checking to see what it costs to insure. Many people discover the car of their dreams is simply too expensive to insure. They consequently end up selling it shortly after purchase.
  • Do read your policy before you purchase it. It pays to understand your policy and what it covers. Know your limits before you actually need them.
  • Do make sure and get a multi-policy discount. Having your homeowner's policy with the same carrier saves money. If possible, use a single carrier.

Tip for Reducing Your Auto Insurance Premiums

  • Check your proposed insurance carrier for discounts. Insurance companies offer numerous discounts based on age, safety devices, airbags, anti-theft systems, being a non-smoker, driving classes, or good grades for students.
  • Consolidate your insurance policies. Insuring both your house and all your vehicles with the same carrier entitles you to multi-policy discounts.
  • Shop around when buying or renewing insurance. Prices for the same coverage can vary by hundreds of dollars. It pays to do your homework.