What Is the Eco Button?

Eco Button in Cars

These days, most major industries have made a push to offer eco-friendly products, and the automobile industry is no exception. With rising gas prices, hybrid and electric cars have gained popularity in recent years. Even traditional cars have joined in on the green trend by introducing the eco button. The problem is few people actually know how it works.

What is the eco button?

The eco button retracts your car’s abilities to conserve more energy. For instance, the vehicle’s throttle isn’t as responsive, the transmission will shift at a lower RPM or electric systems will draw less energy to function.

What are its benefits?

Manufacturers estimate that when the eco button is pushed, the vehicle will show a five to ten percent improvement in energy consumption. One of the most notable benefits of the eco button is better gas mileage. For instance, if your vehicle regularly gets 25 miles per gallon, it would get 26.25 to 27.5 miles per gallon on eco mode. While this benefit may be at the expense of acceleration, the difference won’t be noticeable for most drivers.

Learn how the eco button works in several different models and styles of used vehicles:

  • Dodge Caravan The eco button smoothes throttle response in order to save fuel.
  • Chevrolet EquinoxWhile the eco button doesn’t affect throttle response, it does tell the transmission to shift into higher gear sooner.
  • Infiniti MThe Technology Package upgrade offers an Eco Pedal that resists and vibrates when you’re applying unnecessary pressure on the gas pedal.

Check to see if your vehicle has an eco button. If so, test it out to see what benefits it can offer you and how well you like driving in eco mode. If your vehicle doesn’t have an eco button, consider making it one of your criteria when you purchase your next car.

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